Head Coach Chris Hubbard


Hello, I am Coach Hubbard.  Baseball has been in my blood from the earliest of memories.  Rooting for the Atlanta Braves is my passion.  We moved out to Missouri from the Carolinas to work within the church which is another love of mine, and we have lived out here for about 15 years.  I share the coaching platform with Chad Moore and Dillon Cutshall.  They have been my coaching partners for several years now.  My personal coaching experience in baseball spans over 15 years working with several recreation and competitive teams.  For the past 8 years I have also been the President of the baseball league in Oak Grove, Missouri.  Our goal as coaches is to develop these young players into great young men on and off the field.  They will learn skills in the greatest sport ever invented while having fun.  The ultimate goal for us coaches is to get them ready for the next level which begins with high school.  We all love the sport and want the players to have that same passion.  Sportsmanship is priority as they develop.  Skills can be taught and honed, but sportsmanship has to be demonstrated by everyone around them.  From that demonstration they will learn to practice sportsmanship themselves while showing everyone the amazing athletes they have become.